Experiential Yachting is an evolution of leisure-orientated yachting.
Experiential Yachting is focused on adventures, challenges, experiences, explorations and discovery, while well-reputed yacht, excellent crew and interesting destination are just standard necessary components to earn the most powerful emotions and memories.

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EXPERIENTIAL YACHTING is a new philosophy of yachting, where human potential rises to a higher level through the purposeful use of super yachts as floating establishments for living or long-term stay, as well as places to conduct various adventures, sea-related practices, explorations and learning. We aim to enrich yachting with deep purposes and non-ordinary experiences, making a difference to the world and to people’s lives.

YACHTING THERAPY a new concept in Yachting, which proposes special programs, designed as an endeavour to remediate a health problem and improve the quality of life for those living with certain serious diseases, using a yacht, the sea and the waves.

Slowing down the progression of the disease or helping speed up recovery by facilitating a positive impact on the body, special practices and activities on a yacht at sea help to reveal a person’s true natural potential and activate self-healing.

EXPERIENTIAL YACHTING FORUM 2022 –  TBD soon… Welcome to a new era of the Experience Economy. Yachting is much more than just a yacht.


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