Experiential Yachting is an evolution of leisure-orientated yachting.
Experiential Yachting is focused on adventures, challenges, experiences, explorations and discovery, while well-reputed yacht, excellent crew and interesting destination are just standard necessary components to earn the most powerful emotions and memories.

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N154C Kamchatka – Chukotka Yachting Adventure


Price Details:

 740 000 EUR for 1 week (7 nights/8 days)*  + 30% deposit for expenses (fuel, food-beverages, ports, experiences & activities etc.)  

*  Heli-ski and submersible are at additional costs.

Experiential Yachting Destinations: Kamchatka, Chukotka

Category: Adventure, Nature Treasures, Environmental, Scientific Exploration,  Cultural, Mission, Underwater Adventures, Fishing, Educational 

Experience Number: N154C


Experience Value & Options

  • Be one of the first and only to explore Kamchatka or Chukotka, cruising Barents or Chukchi Seas on board luxury explorer yacht La Datcha.
  • Author’s purposeful environmental and socially-responsible experiences all along the itinerary.
  • Getting engaged in local projects to support communities in collaboration with local foundations
  • Rich cultural experience to discover the particularity of this mysterious region of Russia.
  • Explorer unique diversity of flora and fauna of the region
  • Possibility to use submersible and helicopter to make the experience more complete*
  • Expert heli-skiing on the flanks of smoking volcanoes
  • Discover steaming vents on the black stone beaches


At the request



Flexible 8 days / 7 nights  experience within the following dates:

  • From 29th of  May 2021  – to 9th of June 2021 ( Embarkation North Kamchatka or Anadyr, Chukotka) 
  • From 20th of June 2021 – to 28th of June 2021 (Embarkation in Anadyr, Chukotka) 
  • From 12th of July 2021 – to 19th of July 2021 (Embarkation in NUst-Kamchatsk, North Kamchatka) 
  • From 8th of August 2021 – to 14th of August 2021 (Embarkation in NUst-Kamchatsk, North Kamchatka) 

( Last up-dated 08.10.2020)

Yacht: La Datcha

Launched:  in July 2020

Builder: SeaXplorer by Damen

Length: 77m (252′)

Volume: 2 560 Gross Tons

Class: Ice Class and IMO Polar Code

Cruising speed: 14,5 knots

Guests sleeping & cruising: 12 guests

Cabin Configuration: 2 Double, 4 Convertible


Yacht highlights:
  • 2 Master cabins
  • 2 Commercially certified & operated helicopters
  • 1 Submersible
  • 1 External Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • 9m above-water observation lounge
  • Fully-certified dive centre
  • Ice Class for safe Polar expedition
  • Equipped hospital with dedicated staff member

La Datcha is the ultimate adventure yacht. Ordered by one of the most visionary Russian entrepreneurs Oleg Tinkov. The yacht is capable of carrying provisions and facilities to allow to go to the most remote places on earth for up to 40 days without having to re-provision in port. ( to read more : Forbes, article by Bill Springer )


Video – Launch of the Yacht



1 x VIP tender/rescue boat – Fassmer Custom 9m
1 x dive support tender – Insider Yachts 9m RIB
1 x beach lander tender – Insider Yachts 8.5m Beach Lander
2 x expedition RIBS


1 x submersible 3 pax . Available for additional fees: EUR 70,000/week. ,  EUR 45,000/3 days , EUR 15,000/day.  This includes the submarine pilot and insurance.


1 x Eurocopter EC135  . Available for additional fees: : €4,500 / hour (4 hours min/week) Pilot & fuel included.

2 x Snow scooters
4 x waverunners
4 x seabobs
Windsurf and kitesurf gear
Fat wheels bicycles
Fishing Gear
Flyboard and Jet Board
Air & Nitrox diving set up
Towable toys such as donut, 4 person seat etc..



19 crew members


Captain : Alistair Reid – British

Captain Alistair is used to work on several charter and private yachts including 134m SERENE, 115m PELORUS and 124m KATARA. He is very responsible and enthusiastic about his work, always striving to ensure the best for the guests on board. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, sailing, cricket, golf and both snow and water skiing.



Purser: Kelly Knight – British

Kelly has a strong administration and hospitality background and makes sure the deposit for expenses ( APA) is well  managed and optimised.



Chief Stewardess: Alicia Amarant – American

For the past 8 years Alicia was working around the world on yachts ranging from 50-85 meters, charter and private. She is passionate about food and wine and engaging with her guests and fellow crew members to make the most memorable experiences possible. She used to travel extensively before coming to the world of yachting and always showed excellent organisational skills and service minded approached in all her previous jobs. 
Among other crew members, there is an intersection position on board: Pulser . He will help to manage and optimise expenses for the guests.


740 000 EUR for 1 week (8 days/7 nights)*  + 30% deposit for expenses (fuel, food-beverages, ports, experiences & activities etc.)  

*  Heli-ski and submersible are at additional costs.




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