Experiential Yachting is an evolution of leisure-orientated yachting.
Experiential Yachting is focused on adventures, challenges, experiences, explorations and discovery, while well-reputed yacht, excellent crew and interesting destination are just standard necessary components to earn the most powerful emotions and memories.

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N007 Invest in Converted Multifunctional Superyacht – Retirement House

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The first most exclusive Superyacht Retirement House in the world.


The first most exclusive Superyacht Retirement House in the world.
Key Objectives
–       To give a second-life to an old superyacht. To transform an old superyacht into Purposeful Floating Establishment

–       Creating a new form of yachting

–       Generate profit from selling cabins on a yacht for elderly people, as selling apartments in a building with amenities.

–       To give elderly people an opportunity to overcome loneliness and to become a part of an exclusive community at sea

–       To provide the target with an opportunity for an alternative forward-thinking investment in the new era of Experience Economy


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