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Experiential Yachting is focused on adventures, challenges, experiences, explorations and discovery, while well-reputed yacht, excellent crew and interesting destination are just standard necessary components to earn the most powerful emotions and memories.

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Yachting therapy is unique 3-7 days program on a yacht, which combines philosophical approach with natural power of the sea and waves, aiming to remediate a health problem and improve the quality of life for those living with certain serious diseases.

Special practices and activities on a yacht at sea help to:

  • slow down the progression of the disease
  • speed up recovery by facilitating a positive impact on the body
  • reveal a person’s true natural potential and activate self-healing


  • Conceptualized by Monaco-based yacht charter broker Maria Alekseenko, this unique program promotes the use of yachting as a healing experience.
  • Maria Alekseenko started to explore yachting as a therapy two years ago, when a close person to her was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease. Since then Maria has spend in total four months on a yacht at sea, cruising Greece, Croatia, Italy and France, creating unique therapeutic program in open water.
  • A passionate adventurer, she used to be one of the first yacht charter brokers, who has organized unique yacht charters in different destinations around the world, including Northern Norway, Madeira, Alaska, Antarctica and even Tanzania.
  • With more than 12 years in the yachting industry, with an education in the field of ‘Philosophy of mind’, Maria was in a unique position, helped by her background in yachting, psychology, art, music and adventure, to design purposeful program, which include tailor-made activities and practices to bring consciousness and acceptance to a level where it turns into healing.


Scope of practice*

• Cancer, motor neurone diseases, diabetes, surgery, chemotherapy, stem-cells treatment

• Infertility. Conceiving

• Recovery for sportsmen


* Yachting therapy is not a medical therapy or treatment. It’s an alternative complementary experience, which is designed as an added value to the yacht cruising and living on-board for those people, who need to improve their health.


  • No-one is immune from health disorders. A disease is a crucible for the body and mind.
  • It’s extremely hard for the person, who is affected, and for the close circle.
  • It often leads to a forced abandonment of usual lifestyle, extreme fatigue, impairment, frustrations.
  • While doctors and specialists in alternative medicine, as well as psychologists and physiotherapists are doing their best to save lives or to improve health conditions, the patient still find oneself face to face with unfair reality, struggling to think of anything else, to surrender, to find joy and motivation in this darkness.
  • The mission of Yachting therapy is to activate or reinforce the self-healing process, to reduce worries and suffering though philosophical  approaches and special practices on a yacht at sea.


  • As evidenced by the results of modern scientific researches, feasible exercises in contrast with good rest are very beneficial for patients with different types of health disorders, including patients with cancer or motor-neuron diseases. But what kind of sport can we talk about for people affected by such a serious illness, exhausted by chemotherapy or undergoing surgery? The mere idea of getting out of bed in this state, then doing swimming, jogging or strength training seems to be far from reality.


  • Naturally the mind, already exhausted by illness, resists forcing the body for a necessary dose of training. The experiences and practices of Yachting therapy do not require much effort from the mind or body, but on the contrary, are exciting and associated with positive vibes, while still evolving the necessary gentle physical and mental activities, which work positively for the “community” of body’s cells and mental states.


Maria’s method

  • The method works on the contrast.
  • It activates motivation and survival instincts through intentional increasing of adrenaline and other neurotransmitters, on the contrast with forced stillness, to reach a high level of consciousness, which helps to surrender and to let self-healing happen within the body.
  • The activities and practices are alternated this contrast.
  • Philosophical approach is present in each practice or activity.
  • The program helps to reveal the maximum of possible potential of the body and mind by overcoming negative physical and emotional consequences related to the disease.


“Healing Jet-ski experience”, followed by “Philosophy of the waves” practice: helps to maintain the muscular system, improves sleeping, facilitates brain-damage repair treatments from one side, and reduces depression and anxiety from another side. These practices are good for patients at the early stage of motor neurone diseases or patients after chemotherapy.

“Art therapy of the sea”, followed by “Night sea swimming” experience: helps to strengthen the immune system, reveals alternative vision and allows to enter the acceptation stage more easily. These practices are good for patients after surgery, for couples trying to conceive or for women ongoing stimulation protocols.

“Dancing in the sea” session followed by “Healing Sea Adventure” experience: from one side, stimulates digestive organs, improves removal of harmful elements from the body when taking many medications, from another side helps to shift the focus and re- define life-purpose. These practices are good for sportsmen who are undergoing recovery.

“Underwater walking” or “Underwater wheelchair experience”: this author’s experience is designed for diving or snorkeling enthusiasts, who cannot do underwater activities due to health problems.


  • Yachting therapy is not a medical therapy or treatment.
  • It’s an alternative complementary experience, which helps to manage with disease or recovery.
  • Working hand-in-hand with doctors and specialists, who follow the patient, Maria elaborates and schedules a special program, which includes practices, experiences and activities, related to the sea and yachting.
  • Experiences and activities are scheduled according to the particular needs of the patient and only after receiving medical approval from the patient’s doctor, if needed.


  • The duration of the program is from 3 to 7 days.
  • Two activities per day, minimum duration 15 min – maximum duration of  1.5 hours.
  • All the guests and family members can benefit from the program.
  • Some activities and experiences will teach new methods and can be lifelong practices.


As part of the program, if necessary, a one hour session of helping the crew to keep the right attitude is included.


Yacht owners

  • For the yacht owners, who find themselves or those close to them in a difficult situation, related to health.
  • As part of the program, Maria also includes a one hour free session for the crew, to assure all crew members have the right supportive attitude.

Yacht charterers

  • Experienced yacht charterers, who find themselves or those close to them in a difficult situation related to health, might think that yachting is the last thing to consider, as it’s usually associated with holidays or adventures.
  • Yachting therapy is designed to prove the contrary.
  • A yacht is one of the best platforms, not only for exploration or fun, but for a holistic retreat, which helps connect to the water element, provided by nature.
  • Maria’s wide experience in yacht chartering  helps to book the right vessel with the right crew to t this experience will run smoothly.

New to Yachting

  • For those who have never considered yachting as a holiday or an adventurous experience, the illness or recovery period is a perfect opportunity to surrender to the power of the sea. Yachting therapy will help to improve quality of life and maybe even to discover a new life passion.


5 Steps Process

Step 1

The first free session is initiated upon request. This session permits to evaluate the concrete case and to clarify specific questions related to health issues, state of mind and general needs. – 1 hour session

Step 2

Choosing relevant activities and experiences. Preparing tailor-made program according to the itinerary, yacht’s facilities and duration of the yacht cruise*.– usually takes around 1 week.

*If booking of a yacht is required to conduct Yachting Therapy, the usual yacht chartering process is applied.

Step 3

Preparation for the Yachting therapy program.

The detailed program is send in PDF file 2-3 days before embarkation.

Step 4

Embarkation. Daily on-line supervision. Sending support videos. Physical presence of Mrs. Alekseenko is not obligatory, as the program is designed to be supervised at a distance. An internet connection is required.

Step 5

Feed-back and follow up.

Download  YACHTING THERAPY BROCHURE for more details.



The remuneration is flexible and at the discretion of the client.

Minimum fees for 3 days program is € 3900 (VAT excl)*

Minimum fees for 4-7 days program is € 7100 (VAT excl)*


  • Tailor-made program and all necessary materials
  • Full organisation & follow up
  • 24/7 supervision during the program


  • Equipment (if needed)
  • Additional fees for local activities or external specialists (if any)
  • Yacht charter fees
  • Fuel, food, beverages and other expenses

Payment conditions:

50% upon booking, after a free intake session
50% – 1 week before the beginning of the program    


To schedule a first intake session (free) :


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